Dear friends of Pressenza,

Every day for over 4 years now Pressenza has been sending out a daily bulletin of news to which anyone may subscribe for free.  That’s over 1800 days that our volunteer journalists, columnists, photographers, translators, website technicians and many more, have taken their time to inform you, our readers, of news that we consider important to know and that you may not find in other media.

The news we publish on nonviolence, peace, humanism and the fight against discrimination is important to us because we’re striving to make this stuff known to the whole world.  We aim to provide information that helps you make informed choices when it comes to taking everyday decisions in life that, whether we like it or not, either collaborate with a violent system or send a message that things must change – starting with me.

In our short time we have created a news portal that functions in five – soon to be six – languages and we have established links with over 100 Media outlets that share an affinity with us.  From international Media outlets such as Deutsche Welle in Germany and Press TV in Iran to National Media outlets such as Telam in Argentina to internationally renowned alternative media such as DemocracyNow in the USA all the way down to small-scale bloggers who give their spare time to report on local issues.

We recognise, though, that we could do much more because there are so many interesting things happening in the world demonstrating that a different world is being created now, and not all of it appears on the pages of Pressenza.

This then is an opportunity for you, our readers, to help us out.  Do you have one hour spare a day, a week or a month to help us?  Do you have a passion for news and wish that we’d publish more news, maybe those articles that we seem to be missing?  Are you a secret writer, someone who’d like to try their hand at journalism but don’t know how to start?  Do you enjoy photography or finding the best images on the web?  Can you translate between the languages we publish in?

All of you are welcome to join the Pressenza team.  You won’t be rewarded financially because none of us are, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that what appears on our pages is reaching further and further into the consciousness of people all around the world, and that by raising the level of consciousness you also contribute to the non-violent, humanist revolution that the planet needs in order to change the disastrous course it’s currently heading in.

We take the opportunity of the New Year to invite you to take a resolution and work with us and do something that not only contributes to one’s own meaning in life but also inspires others all over the world.

Wishing you all a very good 2014.

Pressenza, International Press Agency

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