What does it mean, all these demonstrations, protests, and manifestations that are now happening around the world this past two years?

By Godi Gutierrez, resident Brazil

People watching on the sidelines, or on their television sets at home are asking: what do these demonstrators want? What are they protesting about? Do they really know what they want? Here in Brazil, the manifestations begun with the raising of bus and subway fares by 10 cents; but, even after the city governments lowered the fares back, the protests continued, anyway.

During the “Arab Spring” demonstrations in some countries in the Middle East, people were demanding regime change. In some, the people wanted better education. In Europe and Chile, they wanted free education, free health services, etc. In some demonstrations, the participants’ demands were diverse as rights of gays, environmental issues, animal rights, government transparency, truly free press; universal health care; real democracy; social justice, etc. Some people complain about GMOs, corrupt officials, police brutality, the bankrupt banking system, authoritarian regimes, and so on.

In some countries, the masses are able to get what they wanted. They were able to get rid of tyrants, dictators, military juntas – they were able to achieved regime change. But, why are they still protesting? Why are they still out on the streets, out in the plazas and squares?

So what’s really happening?

What’s happening is that people are beginning to feel this generalized uneasiness. They somehow feel agitated inside. They just know that something is wrong – that something, somehow is not working.

The two main instincts are the instinct of preservation of oneself; and the instinct of the conservation of the species –

We have to understand that if we as individuals have individual consciousness, we also have to understand that the species as a whole is also an entity by and in itself; that the species as a entity also has its very own consciousness. Be aware that at this very moment, it is this consciousness that is now operating in these movements. And it is the human species as a whole, this human consciousness that senses the threat it is presently faced with; and it knows that behind its back lies the great abyss. It knows that the system is already at its limit situation, and that it is about to bring everything down the abyss with it. This collective consciousness has awaken, and it wants to overcome this abyss.

It’s not anymore about what people want. It’s not anymore about what you and I want. It is not about what we as individuals want. Now, it is about what the species as a whole needs and wants. And it needs a totalizing answer to the global crises at hand; it has to overcome the abyss; it needs a total change; it needs transformation. It knows that to survive it has to make this giant leap, this totalizing revolution, this total transformation – of the individual, of the system, of the species.