In March 2012 we reported on a new project between Israelis and Iranians to oppose the sabre rattling rhetoric of their leaders: We Love You. This initially run as a Facebook initiative and it has been growing and developing.

About a week ago 70 buses rode the streets of Tel Aviv carrying their message for peace. Faces of young Iranians and Israelis saying to each other “we love you”. Many put their own links in FB to Reconciliation and Peace projects. Big Media bombard us with the seemingly hopeless ride towards disaster. But the people to avert it are there, working, needing their voice to be heard, replicated and amplified.

“PEACE, it s like shampoo…use it

Peace is simple. All you got to do is…using it.
2 drops in the morning, and it s changes you completely.
Use it at school, at work, on vacation
Post it on your page, show it to your friends, like it, Share it, spread it.
It s like a virus, a good one…you fell better already
Peace. Great product….and it s FREE”

TEDxDU The Interfaith Amigos — Breaking the taboos of interfaith dialogue.

TEDxDU’s theme of “Radical Collaboration” is personified in Rabbi Ted Falcon, Pastor Don Mackenzie, and Imam Jamal Rahman – collectively known as The Interfaith Amigos. In a time when religion appears to be at the heart of fragmentation, suspicion and conflict, their friendship is a beacon to a wiser, more compassionate, and hopeful path.

A new Spirituality rising in the Middle East 

“The members of this group aspire to support Universal Humanism and Silo’s Message in the Middle East, with the central focus on Israel and Palestine.

– consider the human being to be the highest value—above money, the State, religion, the social models and systems
– promote liberty of thought
– recognize and applaud diversity in customs and cultures
– oppose all discrimination
– reject and renounce violence
– aspire to a Universal Human Nation
– want to give coherence to their lives, to make coincide what they think, what they feel, and what they do
– are searching for a profound transformation within themselves and in the world
– aspire to treat others as they want to be treated
– feel that humankind and themselves need a new spirituality”

Palestine loves Israel

“This page was created to make a start for a new beginning. We want to stop the fear of each other and to get into a dialogue for peace.
We believe that sending love has the power to heal and this is why we, from Palestine, send love over the border to Israel. Because we don’t want to be in war with you. We want to live in peace with you as our friends.”

 Israel Loves Palestine  

“A bridge in the Middle East. Israel sending her love to Palestine in order to start the process of peace. We are part of the peace factory: WE ♥ YOU”

Arab-Israeli peace projects? Wikipedia has collected more than a few

Many more people want peace than war, but the resonance box of the violent is bigger: guns, corporate media, fear, hatred. Anybody can enlarge the resonance box of the nonviolent: love, compassion, alternative and social media, activism against injustice. The human spirit awakens.