Ordinary people do not want war. Time and again they express their dissatisfaction with decisions or threats to start wars. They go on marches, they sign petitions, they protest against war. Now, thanks to social media people are able to go even further and communicate directly with the people on the other side of the border, the supposed “enemy”.

Families, couples and individuals from both countries have been leaving their pictures in the Facebook page, showing and sharing their humanity. In order to start a war “the other” has to be dehumanised, objectified, made to look and feel “different from me”. This peace campaign does the opposite, it is a way of saying “you are just like me”.

Will they be able to warm up the hearts of their leaders, engaged as they are in a war of words, of fear and hatred? We can only hope, and ask from the bottom of our hearts and with all our strength for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. What we can guarantee is that their initiative has already touched deeply many people and the messages are multiplying. [See the page](http://www.facebook.com/israellovesiran?filter=3)