Save Fukushima People, Stop Nuking Asia

05.12.2011 - Hong Kong, SAR, China - Tony Henderson

The organizer of the 5 December 2011 protest was the Hong Kong Alliance Against Nukes, staging a protest action at the Japanese Consulate in Hong Kong. The emphasis was placed on the Fukushima plant’s nuclear radioactivity contamination releases that have not stopped nor decreased. Also, that the Japanese government is mis-informing the world, and of course it’s own people!

By releasing false information and thereby downplaying the harm caused by radioactivity contamination in and coming from Japan the consulate is doing a disservice to Hong Kong. To rectify that, five demands were raised by the group to relay on to the Japanese government. These are:

1. Immediately evacuate all the people living in Fukushima, particularly the 360,000 children who are most vulnerable to radiation harm; and assist the people to rebuild their livelihood in their nuclear-free new homeland.

2. The Japanese government to instruct TEPCO to honestly disclose the health records of the 18,000 labour workers who have been employed, directly or by subcontractors, to clean up the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant since March 11, 2011.

3. The Japanese government to acquire Food Radiation Counters and Whole Body Radiation Counters for communities within 1,500,000 square kilometres of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant*. It should also hire independent experts who have experience and reliable research in low dose radiation exposure sicknesses, such as Dr. Chris Busby (scientific secretary, European Committee on Radiation Risks) and scientists at Belrad, Belarus, to monitor children’s health.

4. The Japanese government to work with other Asian countries for a Nuclear-Free Asia with immediate effect, and stop exporting nuclear technologies to other countries.

5. The Consul-General for Japan in Hong Kong to stop releasing untrue information to create false sense of security for Hong Kong people by downplaying the harm caused by radioactivity contamination in Japan.

During the same action, they also strongly protested to 15 countries which participate in Nuclear Energy Asia 2011 Conference in Hong Kong (held on December 5-6, 2011, at InterContinental Grand Stanford Hotel) for nuking Asia. They quoted independent scientists researching on low-dose radiation released from nuclear power plants to highlight the following:

1. Adding a fraction to the background radiation will cause genetic mutation in living organisms (including humans) and lead to premature aging, increased cancer risk (in a supralinear pattern), and a variety of diseases in children and youth such as heart diseases, diabetes, allergies and psychiatric problems. The genetic damage will pass on to future generations and is irreversible.

2. “Now that we know that nuclear plants release radioactivity and kill a certain number of people, scientists who support these nuclear plants—knowing the effects of radiation—don’t deserve trials for experimentation; they deserve trials for murder.” (John Gofman, M.D., PhD.)

* The Chernobyl nuclear disaster having the same rating of Level 7 as the Fukushima disaster, has caused significant radioactivity contamination in the expanse of 1,500,000 square kilometers.

** The 15 countries are the U. S., France, the U.K., Finland, Japan, China, India, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand

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