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06.10.2011 - Montmeló - Javier Belda

There is nothing modern about the motivations for current wars, what motivates them is the same primitive spirit. Sarkozy, Barack Obama or David Cameron could now appear in the modern-day pulpits to disguise their wars using XXI century language, however behind all this, behind the ridiculous sham lies a profound ignorance of the human being, of its evolution, of its future possibilities and an obvious alienation by similar public figures who give themselves the right to kill.

The way in which modern wars are different is in the rapid devastation media used nowadays. They are also different in the way they are created and develop simultaneously in the media and propaganda. Therefore, we, the victims, are all placed to become the focus of these criminal information bombs. If we are attentive we can see how all this informative rubbish destroys the psyches around us and leaves us badly injured, defeated and saddened when we look at the huge manipulative machinery which is organised throughout the world.

**The example of Libya**

Last year, prior to the invasion being initiated, TVE dedicated the programme “Españoles en el Mundo” (Spaniards in the World) to Libya. It was shown as a lovely country, with friendly and kind people, who left the doors of their houses open without any kind of fear. Doubtlessly thanks to the abundance of oil Libya reached the highest human development index (HDI) in all of Africa. [The HDI is an indicator of human development per country, drawn up by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It is based on a statistical social indicator made of three parameters: health, education and quality of life].

Investigating the big achievements of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah, since 1977, following the expulsion of king Idris, is highly recommended. Huge advances have been made in health, education, housing, and in the infrastructures for getting water to the most remote corners of the desert within a few decades. Of equal interest is the concern of Gaddafi for the African region. He was the main instigator of the creation of the United States of Africa, becoming president of the African Union in 2009, elected by the continent’s heads of state.

However, in spite of all the prosperity, well-being and model social equilibrium, Libya was the focus of the genocidists, who much less wanted a strong and independent African continent.

This event which the media has called the Arab Spring is a gross sham fabricated in the US. Some of the real revolts have been hidden others that were not. It is a classic destabilisation plan that the CIA has been carrying out for many years, whose final aim is to expropriate economic resources and create dependency and slavery. We had obvious examples of this in Latin America in the 1970s through the military dictatorships of the so-called southern cone, demolishing sustainability and equilibrium and creating chronic external debt.

The revolts in Libya simply did not exist. What was broadcast on TV was a scenario prefabricated somewhere else. In March, the first television images were unable to show a general take-over of Green Square in Tripoli, so they were limited to showing a few men waving flags in a first trick shot. Afterwards, they spoke to us about the regime’s repression using heaving artillery and aviation. This is what the UN resolution was based on to invade the country and militarise foreign and displaced individuals whom they called Rebels. Meanwhile the Russian press, outside the plot, resorted to satellite images to refute these supposed repressions and so they reported it to the whole world. However, the propaganda machine was already in motion and after one lie they continued inventing others incessantly.

Libya is now a place of terror and chaos when the corpses are rotting in the streets. The US has just spent 1,000 million dollars on this war and countries such as France has spent a million a day since March, Italy and the UK are not lagging too far behind and Spain has invested 50 million until now. It is not difficult to imagine the destruction produced by such a deployment.

The jewel of this war has been the famous Tomahawk missile whose cost oscillates between 1 and 1.5 million dollars, a long-range missile with an impoverished uranium nuclear head. In just the first days of the operation they launched 160 and since then the disproportionate genocide has continued to grow. Now without stopping, on seeing that no global opposition to the UN resolution has emerged, it has turned into a devastating war on a par with the war in Iraq. Advantage is also taken of these wars to experiment with other secret weapons, capable to of reducing a tank to ashes and carbonising everything around them.

*“I have not seen a dirtier war”* – the nocturnal bombings terrorise the civil population in Libya – heading in El País, 27 September 2011. *“The rebels attack from 11am until 7pm. However the worst are the UN bombings, which usually occur at night after 11pm. And they shoot at any building. Two days ago they incessantly dropped bombs for six hours. I have seen children, women and men die as if they were animals, said a resident in Sirte”*.

I do not want to elaborate on the tragedy. It is awful. I just want to say that Libya is a very clear example of the trouble we are in. The worst thing is that there is an abundance of examples throughout the African continent. We can no longer continue ignoring how the world is armed.

**The information monopolies**

It is extremely obvious that there are some masters in the world who do not bat an eyelid in the face of genocide and whose sole interest is maximum economic profit. We are ruled by real crazy psychopaths.

I quote some paragraphs below from an excellent article titled *“The world press and the business of lying”*, which the website taringa.net published a few months ago.

*UPI, AP, AFP, Reuters, ANSA, BBC, etc. Some of these abbreviations may seem alien to us although, however, they are the names of the press agencies that control 90% of information world-wide”*.

*“Six large business groups, four of them in the US and England and two in the European Union make up the main television stations, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, cinema producers, advertising agencies, record companies and other communication companies. They are the communication giants, powerful machinery in the hands of an economic elite who exercise control of information world-wide and they are the creators of public opinion templates, masters of behaviour, values and life styles. This reduced and select club offers officially approved and uniformed information coinciding with a vision of the world that legitimises its interests”.*

*“According to the information we receive, only four or five events happen a day “that could be called newsworthy”, on a planet of 7,000 million inhabitants, with a surface area of 510,101,000 Km.2 and all the information agencies get them at the same time.*

*“If these agencies were really independent, not all agencies would publish exactly the same stories, “issues of the day”, with slight variations in the headlines, nor would there be a single perspective and interpretation of this news. It is obvious that the new is chosen deliberately and designed with a purpose”.*

*“As a result of this, public opinion is modelled according to financial interests and for a dominant elite, with the aim of establishing a “single mindset” imposed from the banking clans and global policies that respond to a few billionaires who benefit from the idea of a possible single world, with a single “viable economic system”. It is the same structure which is destroying the biodiversity essential for life and survival of the species today: the corrupt monetary system”.*

*Impoverished or enslaved humanity is experiencing an obvious paradox: information which is useful to understand the world, is fabricated in the same centres of economic and political power responsible for pillaging and subjugating it”*.

**Social activism and the alternative press**

However it would be very unfair not to mention the activists who have not capitulated. It is currently a force on the march. We have the example of Leonor who was living in Libya and recounted how it was being lied about, therefore she created a blog called Leonor in Libya which has now become a reference point for information on the situation in the country, which is different to that of the monopoly.

There are many examples of alternative reference media on the Internet such as *Rebelión*, Democracy Now! or Red Voltaire, as well as authors with a professional reputation who express themselves clearly, such as Rafael Poch in his Berlin Diary. An increasing number of independent researchers following the example of Michel Chossudovsky, Thierry Meyssan or Michel Collon are added to all of the above, performing the role of real correspondents on forums such as *Burbuja*.

Pressenza, a specialised agency on peace, non-violence, humanism and non-discrimination, set up by volunteers on five continents, is registered in the context of the independent press.

We can conclude that activism is on the march. All of us, the *indignados* of 15 May protests in Spain, are activists.

**Finally, an existential personal matter**

The outlook is extremely overwhelming. It makes us feel increasingly small, the fact is that they do no want us to know and to live the illusion of the inhumane system as if nothing happened, taking the blue pill as in Matrix and forgetting everything.

However, history shows us that the human being never gave up; there are examples of historic moments where respect, evolution and knowledge were chosen.

Here we are facing an existential question: in which direction do I steer my life? What do I do at this crossroads? There is the dream, the lie, a future which is mere scenery. Behind this scenery there is nothing, no guarantee, no real stability. Do I identify with the others or not? What is my life going from? What is expected of me here?

Through these questions one accesses profound understanding of oneself and of all humanity, but each one of us has to ask ourselves them. They are questions thrown into the vacuum, whose responses are not concrete; they are not coded in everyday language. However, that frequency is the door of a life with other possibilities and that depends on each person.

Ultimately we are all going to die, the victims of wars, those who shoot from their planes, those who give the orders, the rich and the poor. When several hundred years have gone by there will be nothing left but a vague memory of the different generations, things that are too old… This makes us equal with all our contemporaries of a certain era. This is the key to our insignificance or our empowerment.

What can we do to leave the world in a state of evolutionary inertia and respect for life? To get out of the current trend is what matters.

The responses are personal and they are intimately related to the intensity with which I ask myself the questions. History shows us women and men who found their destiny and did small things and others who did big things, that is very personal and it is a mystery where that energy comes from that can transform the destiny of our lives.

*Translated from Spanish by Rhona Desmond*

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