UN Urges Israel ‘To Prevent Settler Attacks against Palestinian Villages’

23.10.2011 - Human Wrongs Watch - Human Wrongs Watch

“More needs to be done to effectively prevent attacks by settlers against Palestinian civilians and, when they do occur, they should be properly investigated by the Israeli authorities,” the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) spokesperson Rupert Colville told a news conference in Geneva on 11 Oct.,

Colville urged “the Israeli government to fulfil its obligation under international human rights and humanitarian law.”

“Victims should also be appropriately compensated for their losses. With the olive harvest season beginning in a few days time, we urge the Israeli authorities to take effective measures to stop attacks by settlers in the occupied West Bank,” OHCHR spokesperson also said.

**Six Attacks in Six Weeks—Torching a Mosque, Felling Olive Trees**

Colville voiced particular concern over the village of Qusra, in the northern West Bank, which has been targeted by settlers at least six times in the past six weeks, with attacks taking various forms that are emblematic settler violence throughout the West Bank, including the torching of a mosque and the felling of hundreds of olive trees.

**Shooting Civilian, Detaining Minors**

Two of the most recent examples included the shooting dead of a Palestinian civilian by an Israeli army soldier on 23 September, he noted. On the same day, two Palestinian minors were detained for two hours during which they were allegedly beaten up and humiliated by soldiers before being released.

In the early morning of 6 October, villagers discovered that at least 200 trees belonging to four different families had been cut down, depriving them of their main source of income. Qusra villagers have already lost access to hundreds of acres of land due to settlement expansion and erection of outposts.

**UN Report, Coming Up**

A report by UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon entitled “Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and the occupied Syrian Golan,” is due to be released in the next few days, detailing continued Israeli settlement construction and its impact on the human rights of residents including settler violence and the lack of accountability.

The report was prepared by the UN human rights office in the occupied Palestinian territory in cooperation with various other UN entities.

Last month, a group of UN rights experts urged Israeli authorities to prevent settler attacks and called for an immediate end to the demolitions of Palestinian-owned houses and other structures in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Source: United Nations: [http://www.un.org/apps/news/printnews.asp?nid=40006](http://www.un.org/apps/news/printnews.asp?nid=40006)

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