This is happening in the Arab world, and in Europe, and in Asia, non-violently dismantling the System.

Silo commented that general fragmentation of all of the world’s societies was very likely immanent and a negative anarchy would result from the reactions of the disenfranchised. We see this taking place.

Among all that mess and real suffering we also see the Jasmine Revolution, the Arab Spring, the Madrid Take-The-Square manifestations that are surfacing across Europe and in Iceland, and beginning to echo in the USA.

Our role or intention in all this remains the same as ever, as always, to guide that problematic urge that is taking us all over the edge into a safe and evolutionary direction. We do this, as usual in little things, local things. We do what we can and leave what we can’t, without remorse.

Wishing us all Peace, Force and Joy

Chairman, Humanist Association of Hong Kong