In a document presented on Tuesday to Lugo during his statements accounting for his mandate to children and adolescents, they demanded the need to recover ill-gotten lands.

It is officially recognized that under the dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner (1954-1989) around six million hectares of lands were wrongfully delivered to certain persons, and other 1.8 million run the same fate during the governments of Andrés Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Wasmosy, Raul Cubas and Luis Gonzalez, according to the Final Report of the Truth and Justice Commission.

The National Agricultural Census 2008 revealed that three percent of owners have 85 percent of the country’s arable land.

Lugo said that land reform is one of the outstanding historical debts of the Paraguayan state, and added that currently there are over 100 applications for getting ill-gotten land back, which were given to people who were not bona fide beneficiaries of land reform.