Suárez warned however that when legal advances are made but not accompanied by public policies, *“we are in danger of taking a step backwards”*.

*“A law, winning votes, can pass through a closed file, but what we consider to be more fruitful is the debate that stems from it”*.

The debate process began last 17th June, when the First Congress of Sexual Diversity was held in the Salto province.

Federico Graña, member of the Black Sheep Collective and the Uruguayan Federation of Sexual Diversity said that for this project to be possible, they had to work with diverse social organisations linked to human rights.

They put together an audiovisual campaign and worked on a blog, which is open for citizens of Uruguay to offer their support for the law.

Suárez and Graña opened the debate last Friday in San José de Mayo, in the southern province of San José.

They were promoted by the “truth sets you free” campaign run by the community radio station FM Timbó, 96.9, which is also a member of the AMARC Uruguay network. (PÚLSAR)