It was an announcement via New Delhi humanist Sudhir Gondotra, who has been assisting in the development of Narhi Park, that the trust for the Parks of Study and Reflection, Narhi, has been legalized, on 20 January 2011. Currently there are over twenty such Parks located across the five continents.

*“Congratulations is well due,”* he smiled, *“The trust for the Parks of Study and Reflection, Narhi has been legalized at Madhubani District, Bihar. Named, Parks of Study and Reflection, this trust will setup and own the Park at Narhi. With this, we have completed another milestone in the process of setting-up the second Park in India, third across Asia. Now, we are starting the process of transferring the land to the trust, after which further construction will take place.”*

An Inauguration Day was held 14 August, 2010, and attended by locals of all strata that made up a good crowd portending very well for the Park. A well known local activist for people’s affairs, humanist Manju Jha, introducing the Bihar Park to the Bihari audience on the day.

Manju Jha would be easily passed in a crowd but on stage she speaks in a strong ‘workmanlike’ manner that shows an admirable lady who knows her region and culture and what is needed by its people. This was clear when she spoke out on the Biharis- and womens’ rights at the Asia-Pacific Humanist Forum, held in Mumbai, 16 to 18 March, 2007.

News of the possibility of this Bihar Park was spoken of 17 July, 2010, at the Entry to School of the second tranch of Masters at the first such Asian Park, at the Kandhroli Park outside Mumbai. Representing that Park, Sudhir Gondotra, was also present at the inauguration, as was fellow activist Arun Singh, who explained the importance of Narhi Park, following Manju Jha’s warm exposition.

Messages of congratulations arrived from the American continent and Europe. Osbi Santillan, who co-ordinates the World without Wars & without Violence organisation in the Philippines, gave a simple message:

*“Welcome and great big congratulations for the new Park and all involved in it! Another light is lit in Asia! We ask for its best expressions to come forth brightly and forcefully for the raising of human consciousness in these moments of crises and turbulence! Peace, Force and Joy to All! Warm hugs.”*

Mr Santillan is on the Commission of Park Banahaw, Philippines, and sees the new Park playing a similar role in the Bihar region as does the Banahaw Park in the Philippines, and recognises its importance as part of the development of more localised Parks and Small Halls across Asia.