Clearly a new horizon is emerging

05.06.2010 - Santiago - Pía Figueroa

“While all structures are disintegrating and the unrest begins,” he said, “a social unrest that is not due to agitation… there is an overall discomfort in all areas and yet, in front of all the violence in the world, in the face of all the disintegration and total decadence, we are beginning to see signs of new times.”

“Clearly this is shaping a new horizon. So it is not going to be very interesting to continue criticizing the disasters of the world. We should not waste more time. We already know, we know where it is going.”

“This discovery of artificial life deserves a toast! Yes, it deserves it! This new discovery will be manipulated, will be utilized… no doubt, as they have done with all things. But in any case, it has already escaped from their hands, escaped the usual controls. It has escaped.”

“Already there are some who are furious about it. *”We should stop playing God,”* they say.”

“We are playing God”, and that of playing God – I believe – is a very good direction. As our dear ancestors, now far away, used to say: *”Neither god nor master.”*

“There is a divine spirit in people… Hey! Come on! A minimum of Poetry! And this is opening up a new horizon. Shall we call it a horizon of poetry? Well, as you want. A *”new spirituality”*? Well, why not? But another mental frontier is opening without a doubt! ”

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