As the spokesperson for New Humanism for Latin America, standing here at the same place where Martin Luther King had that great dream, I declare that his dream fully inspires us. His dream is a beacon that guides us towards a better future for all mankind. His dream is our dream.

Today’s world is not the world that Martin Luther King dreamed. Today’s world is not the one we want for our children. Today’s world is violent. Millions of people experience violence every day, in different forms.

We are marching, crossing all continents, searching for Peace and Nonviolence. We are walking because we share the dream of a better world. And we know it’s possible.

But also here, at Washington, I have to declare our disappointment for President Obama’s decision yesterday to send more troops to Afghanistan. Let’s be clear: Peace is not going to be achieved by increasing military actions.

Mr. President: As the Nobel prize winner that you now are, show the world your commitment towards peace and disarmament by starting the process of withdrawal of troops from the countries that have been invaded.

Finally, as a Latin American coming from a continent that suffered during centuries all forms of violence, I commit myself, as everyone here, to dedicate our life to build a better world. A world that is present already in our dreams.