Evo has received this support in spite of all the racial, economic and psychological violence that groups holding economic power have been trying to use to overthrow him. In spite of everything, Evo has come out victorious with more than sixty percent of the votes and an overwhelming majority at the parliament.

Congratulations to Evo, but it is not enough to congratulate Evo. Here there is a people that has grown up, that is taking its destiny in their own hands and has decided to go forward. The Bolivian people are still giving us examples, one after the other, that the revolution of social structures is possible if the struggle is done with dialogue, with votes, with education and without violence, and instead, with nonviolence.

In difficult times such as the ones we are living in, this people has been able to call out for a constituent assembly, to promulgate a new constitution based on Human Rights, to resign from the use of war as a means of resolving conflicts with their neighbors, to achieve solidarity from Latin American governments, to transform their economic system in favor of the workers and those most in need, and to do it with respect, tolerance and dialogue.

We congratulate the people of Bolivia, congratulations President Evo Morales.

On December 22 the World March for Peace and Non-Violence will arrive in La Paz, after having traveled almost all around the world, explaining the urgent need of world nuclear disarmament, the need for a proportional disarmament of conventional weapons in different regions of the planet, asking for the withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories, withdrawal of foreign military bases from Latin America and resignation from the application of war as a method to solve conflicts.

We invite President Evo and the people of Bolivia to join their voice to the World March so that from the historical Plaza Murillo, this message of Peace and Non-Violence is heard around the whole world. The World March that started in New Zealand, will later continue its tour towards Peru and Chile, and conclude January 2nd at the foot of Mount Aconcagua, in Punta de Vacas, Argentina.

Tomás Hirsch, lives in Santiago, Chile, is a spokesman for Nuevo Humanismo (New Humanism) in Latin America and was a candidate for president of the republic in his country during last elections with the Coallition Juntos Podemos (Together We Can).