Peace between Israelis and Palestinians is not something that can be achieved only between Palestinians and Israelis, because it embodies the conflict between the West and Islam and therefore it requires everyone’s contribution in order to achieve two free and independent states.

In an interconnected and multicultural world in which human beings become aware of their universality, it is possible to find new and creative answers demolishing the walls that during centuries have prevented human progress and people coming closer together.

Nuclear weapons threaten humanity, a conflict between peoples can drag us into a world catastrophe and this adds urgency to the support needed by Palestinians and Israelis for them to build a true peace. Violence gives us neither peace nor security; neither is it an example for future generations. Peace needs a decision taken by the people and they should demand their own governments in order that they build it.

There are courageous women and men, Israelis and Palestinians, that look forward to build peace through nonviolence and they come together in a common moral principle that puts the human being as the highest value. The World March gave its message to the border both sides, and although it has not been able to demolish the separating wall, it has allowed the expression of a commitment of struggling for Peace through Nonviolence.

Jerusalem, which at a first glance appears as the biggest impediment to solve the problem, could on the contrary become the key to the solution. Reaching an agreement regarding a new type of sovereignty for Jerusalem, including the different interpretations of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, as well as other beliefs or cultures that have their roots in the West, may become a demonstration effect of tolerance setting the conditions for a free Palestinian state. The method could be found there and establish the milestone for a planetary civilization, now more than ever needed for humanity’s safeguard.