A demonstration has crossed the center of the city of Bignona and a colored Symbol of Peace has been realized; the conference on nonviolence, with the projection of a documentary on Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Silo, has given the occasion to report
the different forms of violence suffered by local population.

On November the 22nd, the World March for the Peace and Nonviolence has reached Ziguinchor, chief town of the Region: a lecture and another demonstration have been organized whith the partecipation of a lot of associations active for Peace
and against poverty; a lot of interviews have been realized with local radios, and some of them are listened in the whole Senegal.

A little delegation has arrived to Ziguinchor from the Guinea-Bissau and a folklorist festival has been reelized to speak about the necessity of a pacific cohabitation of populations and different ethnic groups.

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence has assumed a particular meaning in Casamance, region marked by a conflict for the independence that has been lasting for more than 25 years and continues to make victims despite the signature of different treaties of peace. The population, through the March, has been able to affirm its own refusal towards such conflict and against every other type of violence.