In the 90ies, both countries have been involved in civil wars which have lead to hundreds of thousands of killed and mutilated people. The wars have become known all over the world specially for the abuse of children as ‘kids soldiers’. Both wars ended in the first years of the 3rd millennium, and in both countries there are many traumatized people still working on the reconciliation.

In the light of this history, the ‘Peace Ceremony’ of Mano River Union bridge has a special significance.

The world march teams arrived from Kenema (Sierra Leone) and Monrovia (Liberia) to Gendema in the morning of the 5th of November. The ceremony of passing over the peace torch from Liberia to Sierra Leone was done by Genevieve Freeman Massa, and IT was received by Mustapha Klah, the respective Spokespersons of the World March. Genevieve Massa gave a short message on the importance of giving the torch to Sierra Leone, and in respond Mustapha Klah made a statement on the importance of the historical event and welcomed the Liberia Team to Sierra Leone. Government representatives of both countries present gave short massages of giving and receiving the peace torch.

The ceremony was followed by cultural events and speeches in the Gendema Community Hall. Amongst others, the ‘Manifesto of the World March’ was read by the organizers of the event and the respective Community Chiefs hold speeches.