“There are still many countries, especially in Central America, who find themselves in a situation of political instability. For this reason, Brazil does not need either to recognize or rethink the situation in Honduras”, asserts da Silva.

”The fact that the army rebels haven´t allowed the Constitutional President of Honduras, José Manuel Zelaya, to return to power and help coordinate the electoral process, is a delicate and dangerous precursor”, concluded Lula, whose statements stand out in the press media assembled at his arrival in Estoril, Portugal, to take part in the 19th Ibero-American summit.

Questioned about the stance of the region´s other nations, the Brazilian leader did not rule out the possibility of eventual exchanges between the South American leaders, who, in principle, have already announced that they would not recognize the results of the Honduran elections.

“Each country determines the situation in accordance with their own principles, some will be able to maintain their original stance while others won´t, but” –da Silva insured- “Brazil will maintain its position, because it is impossible we accept a coup, be it military, or be it disguised as civil, as was the coup in Honduras.”

On 28 June this year a coup not only overthrew Zelaya as President, but removed him from the country as well. On 21 September, the Honduran leader returned to Tegucigalpa and since then has taken refuge in the Brazilian embassy, in the capital of this Central American country.

Many actions, including the mediation of the Organization of American States, have failed to return Zelaya to power, as all the Nations of the American Continent had requested.

On the question of Zelaya´s refuge within Brazilian diplomatic premises, Lula stated that the President “is to remain there until the Honduran government guarantees his life is not in danger, as we cannot allow him to leave unless it is safe for him to do so”.

He minimized the differences between himself and President of the United States, Barack Obama, in dealing with Honduras; where Washington has decided to back the current electoral process.
“We obviously disagree about how the problem of Honduras was dealt with, but if there were no disagreement between two heads of state, then it would not be interesting”, asserted Lula.