It was a high point of originality in the Hungarian section of the World March for Peace with several performing artists located along the route of the march and on the walk up to Buda Castle: fire-eaters, dancers and choristers surprised and entertained the marchers before their arrival at the forecourt of Buda Castle in Budapest, where a moment of collective silence was held. All those who participated in the march came together in a circle to light their torches, each one from the other, like the passing on of light. The cold and the rain did nothing to dampen the warmth and contagious enthusiasm that reigned throughout the entire ceremony.

The next day, the base team split up into several groups to honour the various activities being organised across the country. Some went to Gödöllö where they were received by town mayor Dr. Gémesi György. Gödöllö has been named a “town of peace” and possesses one of five World Peace Gongs in memory of Ghandi and non-violence.

Another group went to Vesprern where 400 people were waiting to create a sign of peace in the presence of town mayor Mr Janos Decreczenyi and his deputy Mr Janos Czaun.

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*(Translation provided by Nickolas Woods)*