Winds of Change for Peace in Diyarbakir

20.10.2009 - Diyarbakir - Pressenza IPA

On the morning of October 19, the World March Middle East team was received by local personalities in Diyarbakir, the second largest city in southwestern Anatolia. Along with others, the team met the governor and deputy governor, and the presidents of the chamber of commerce and members of the local business association.

The World March has arrived here at a special moment in time. Representatives of three Kurdish guerrilla groups will cross the border to hold talks with the government in an attempt to reach a peace agreement. This has inspired the organizing of festivals and demonstrations of support in Turkey’s biggest cities.

The World March Middle East team has even entered the heart of the Kurdish zone, where the marchers have been warmly welcomed by participants and organizers of the festival.

In the evening, World March team members were invited on to the stage to present the proposal based on nonviolence to the gathering of 4000 strong.

*(Translated by Sirio Ibáñez López)*

Categories: Middle East, Politics


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