Birger Norup, International coordinator of the “Peace Alliance” Movement was delighted at the arrival of the World March in the capital, giving a push to his Scandinavian initiative for the creation of a Ministry for Peace in the heart of governments. Rafael de la Rubia, spokesperson for the March and founder of “World without Wars” fully endorsed this step and invited the Parliamentarian, Alexander Mora, who comes from the first country in the world to disarm, to explain his experience. On the 14th of September 2009, Costa Rica passed a law that turned the Ministry of Justice into the Ministry of Justice and Peace.

The idea can be traced back a long time. For example on the 22nd of January 2008, Lord Malloch Brown, then British Minister for Africa, Asia and the United Nations declared during a summit of a cross-party committee of MPs about conflicts. “I am someone who has no ambition in the heart of the British Government beyond my current position but I would sincerely wish to be the first Minister of Peace in this country”.

The initiative of “Peace Alliance” in favour of the creation of Ministries of Peace will be added to the other propositions of the World March.

In the evening, members of the Base Team participated in a particularly pleasant event, surrounded by a hundred people with torches in hand. The organisers placed thousands of candles along the banks of the river and on the walls of the bridge. The famous Danish actor Peter Mygind came along to support the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, he as well as his son were the victims of violence at school in front of passive witnesses. To conclude the celebration, full of joy and simplicity, dozens of people lit hundreds of levitating lanterns that lit up the path of all their hopes in the sky.