The Nonviolence Fair was held during the afternoon of October 1 in Cinemateque Square in Tel Aviv, Israel, as a kickoff event for the World March. The fair was organized by the group Greenpeace and the Humanist Movement, with the participation of 20 Israeli non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in different areas of nonviolence, such as workers’ rights, assistance to battered women, Arab-Israeli cooperation, environmentalism, human rights and more.

Aarón Elberg, coordinator of the World March in Israel, stated: “This World March, which officially begins tomorrow in New Zealand, is just the first step for millions joining forces in the search deep down within each human being to discover the best in ourselves. Only in this way can we overcome our differences, prevail over hard times, and move toward a world that we want.”

Following this the World March Manifesto was read, making an explicit request to governments for nuclear disarmament.

Para descargar el video del evento en Tel Aviv:
[Tel Aviv – Feria de la Noviolencia](;sa=downfile;id=554)

*(translation: T.M. Orzolek)*