During a highly symbolic stop for the Peace Marchers in Moscow the Marchers were welcomed to the Gorbachev Foundation of which the former Head of State and Nobel Peace Laureate is President and founder. This Non-Governmental Foundation for political and socio-economic studies has existed since 1992. Since 1993, Gorbachev has in addition been president of Green Cross International – an Independent Environmental and International organisation with national branches in thirty countries and which has endorsed the World March. Ms. Olga Mikhailovna was happy to receive the visit of the international team of peace spokespersons on Russian soil.

In the afternoon, the Base Team was equally welcomed to the Russian Academy of Sciences by Boris Koval, researcher at the Latin American Institute and Member of the Humanist Movement for many years. Rafael de la Rubia, March spokesperson talked about the importance of the Base Team’s presence in Moscow, where he himself founded the association “World without Wars” in 1994. He then went on to praise the efforts of the Russian Government in making progress on nuclear disarmament negotiations.

Paradoxically, later on the band of Marchers where intercepted in the street by the Muscovite police who ordered them to hide the World March logos on their jackets. The members of the base team could find no other solution but to turn their jackets inside out… hopefully without doing the same thing to their principles.

High resolution video:
[Video Moscow](http://videoforum.theworldmarch.org/index.php?action=videos;sa=downfile;id=633)

English translation: Tony Robinson