Bangladesh was one of the first countries to join UN peacekeeping forces throughout the world, so it is hardly surprising to see the World March for Peace pass through this country which has been engaged in multinational diplomacy for such a long time.

A march was organized downtown, accompanied by a barouche drawn by two horses. The majority of the participants were young students sensitive to the problems facing peace. Their procession covered several kilometers, surrounded by dense and noisy traffic. In his speech, WM spokesperson Rafael de la Rubia recalled how vital it is that people around the world reassert their power and put pressure on their governments. “This is the first time we are assisting a global movement of citizens of the world. On October 2nd, the day of the World March’s opening ceremonies, there were no less than 300 cities around the globe celebrating the initiative” he remarked before a generous crowd.

One of the Bangladeshi volunteer organizers shared his feelings on the event: “You are white, we are black. You are rich, we are poor. You live in Western countries; we live in the third world. Despite this, we are all “one” and we are united around the World March for Peace because we share the same dream of peace and non-violence.”

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[The World March in Dhaka (Bangladesh)](;sa=downfile;id=589)

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*(Translation provided by Patrick C. Yancey)*