The World March for Peace and Non-Violence has been granted the official backing of the government of the province of Mendoza in the form of a Provincial Declaration of Interest issued on May 18th of this year and published in the Official Gazette on June 8th as decree No. 985. This marks a major accomplishment for the initiative’s local organizers, as Mendoza will play host to thousands of demonstrators from all over the world this coming January 2nd.

“This is the first World March to traverse the Earth seeking an end to war and nuclear weapons, an organized movement that strives to unite all organizations and individuals that view pacifism and Non-Violence as the one true exit strategy for the situation in the world today,” proclaims the document signed by Mendozan governor Celso Jaque.

On January 2nd in Punta de Vacas, the World March for Peace and Non-Violence will reach its finish. According to the humanist organization World Without Wars, who is spearheading the initiative, the support of the local government will be indispensable. Punta de Vacas is a small village nestled in the middle of the Andes in the department of Las Heras, in Mendoza province, Argentina, close to the Chilean border, and off of Argentina’s national route 7. The town is located near Los Penitentes ski resort and the scenic border village of Uspallata. The march’s organizers estimate that approximately 25,000 people will attend the closing ceremonies.

*(Translation provided by Patrick C. Yancey)*