After the official memorial for the bomb victims which took place in Hiroshima, there was a conference gathering the main representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations committed to the abolition of nuclear weapons. Among speakers were Bruce Gagnon, Global Network against weapons and nuclear power in space, Steve Leeper, from Mayors for Peace and Akira Kawasaki for Peace Boat.

Talks all centered on the NPT Review Conference scheduled for May 2010. Speakers illustrated their visions on the role of NGOs on the NPT revision process.

World March for Peace and Nonviolence spokesperson, Rafael de la Rubia presented the proposal of the international march which will cover 90 countries starting from next October 2. “Among the World March proposals, the most important one definitely is total nuclear disarmament,” stated the March’s initiator.

After the presentation, came the account of Joseph Gerson, director of “American Friend Services,” a program for peace and economic security.

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*(Translation from Portuguese to English: Isabel Torres-Carrilho)*