UK Teachers’ Union, the Largest in Europe, endorses the World March

01.08.2009 - London - Silvia Swinden

“The NUT whole-heartedly supports the World March for Peace and Non-violence. The NUT does much to progress peace throughout the world and has called upon the British government to take stock of how its own actions impact on conflict in other countries, including the sales of arms.

The NUT believes that peace is fundamental in enabling quality education for all children, and decent working standards and training for teachers. The NUT also recognises the importance of developing young people’s understanding of tolerance, human rights and the impact of war. Teachers’ input and leadership on these matters can help build culturally sensitive, socially aware citizens who can contribute to healthy, peaceful communities and societies, both locally and globally in the future.

We sincerely hope that the World March for Peace and Non-violence reminds people of those children and people in the world who struggle with the impact of violence and war, and that it builds the momentum and impetus needed to contribute towards a peaceful global society.”

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