Clinton is especially interested in this stage of her trip, the sixth and last of an 11-day tour of seven countries (Kenya, South Africa, Angola, The Congo Republic, Nigeria, Liberia and Cape Verde), to express the United States Government’s support of the Liberian Government for the ” democratic progress” of the country founded in the 19th century by freed slaves from America.

“Historically, the relation with Liberia is one of our most important in Africa. The Secretary of State wishes to reaffirm the President’s (Barrack Obama’s) support of the President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.”

Clinton is attempting to counter the greater commercial penetration of China in the continent, and wishes to support those African governments which fight against corruption and thus achieve greater social and economic development.

In spite of the fact that the international community perceives that Johnson-Sirleaf is doing a good job in the fight against corruption in her country, the Liberian Commission for Truth and Reconciliation has recommended that she be relieved of her post because of her past association with the country’s warlords.

*(Translation from Spanish to English: James Williamson)*