“This meeting takes place in a crucial time of new energy and new possibilities in the Middle East Peace process. I hope that the momentum to establish a long-standing just and comprehensive peace be used and enjoyed by both parties, Palestinians and Israelis.

The international community, for its part, must focus all its energies towards this goal. As we do so, we can strengthen the public opinion polls, which in recent years count with the strong support of grass roots both in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory for peaceful coexistence within the framework of a two-State solution.

However, we must pay close attention to the needs of that area. I remain deeply concerned with the situation of the civilians in the Gaza Strip and with the potential for renewed instability. I am doing my utmost to ensure that the reconstruction of Gaza starts as soon as possible.

As members of the media and representatives of the civil society, you have an important role to inform and influence people on peace building and on promoting dialogue and mutual understanding. I encourage you to explore everything possible to spread the message of peace and coexistence. While fully respecting your professional independence, we also need all your creativity and engagement.”

(translation from Portuguese to English: Janete Inamini)