The so-called “coalition of the willing” in Iraq is losing its junior member. British forces will end the 3,700 troops withdrawal from Iraq by the end of this month, ending their more than six years as an occupying force.

Iraqi lawmakers blocked a vote on an agreement that would have allowed 100 British troops to remain in Iraq beyond the Friday deadline.

On December 23rd, 2008, the parliament had approved a measure setting a timeline for the withdrawal of non-US troops. Iraq’s deputy parliamentary speaker announced the measure’s approval.

**Sheikh Khalid al-Attiya**: “Decision No. 2008, the parliament has decided in its thirty-seventh session, which is held on December 23rd, 2008, first, authorizing the government to take all necessary steps to achieve the following: one, full pullout of the United Kingdom, northern Ireland, Australia, Romania, Estonia, El Salvador and NATO troops from Iraq by July 31st, 2009.”