Jimmy Carter: *“My opinion is that he raised many new obstacles to peace that had not existed under previous prime ministers. He still apparently insists upon expansion of existing settlements. He demands that the Palestinians and other Arabs recognize Israel as a Jewish state, although there are 20 percent of the citizens here who are not Jews. This is a new demand. President Obama, in his speech, called for two states, and I’m glad Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted that concept.*”

Earlier today, Jimmy Carter visited Gaza for the first time since the Israeli invasion.

Jimmy Carter: *“It’s very distressing to me. I have to hold back tears when I see the deliberate destruction that has been wracked against your people. I come here to the American school, which was educating your children, supported by my own country, and I see that it’s been deliberately destroyed by bombs from F-16s made in my country and delivered to the Israelis.*”

Jimmy Carter is scheduled to meet Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh later today.