“Give Peace another chance” Press Conference

31.05.2009 - Montreal - Anne Farrell

Anne Farrell, a Canadian coordinator committee member base in Montreal, has revealed the activities that will take place across the world from May 25 to June 14. Bed-In celebrations are organized in different countries and cities:  Bohumin, Czech republic, Prague, Montreal, on the beach in Rio, Helsinki, Ireland, California. Munich, Berlin and in Africa.

For the occasion Michel Benoit, artist and In Pax member, revealed the different activities organized by the underground artistic community in Montreal from May 28 to June 1 including music, readings, painting of mural, laughter, realizable utopia, idleness, dreams and other creative possibilities. The Montreal artistic community help others artists around to world to organized Bed-In.

Richard Vachon from “Centre Jeunesse Uni”, took a public stand by inviting all the youth centers across the province of Quebec to the Worldwide March for Peace and Nonviolence project. Other personalities and individuals present at the events also made similar commitments. The World March for Peace and Nonviolence is organizing a Youth Peace-In in Jean Duceppe Park in Montreal on June 14 to celebrate the end of the worldwide Bed-In campaign.

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