The Colombian Congress endorses the World March

28.05.2009 - Bogotá - Pía Figueroa

EFE – The Colombian Legislature’s backing of the International mobilisation came from an initiative presented in the upper chamber by the parliamentarians Yolanda Pinto, Juan de Jesus Cardenas and Oscar Hurtado.

A Senate spokesperson informed the press that a plenary session of Congress approved the participation of three senators and three representatives of Congress at the start of the World March in New Zealand.

Besides this, the Legislature committed itself to offer support to the mobilisation during its time in the Colombian capital, planned for the 15th of December.

The proposal was defended by senator Pinto, widow of Guillermo Gaviria, Governor of Antioquia assassinated several years ago by FARC forces together with his peace envoy, former Minister of Defence Gioberto Echeverri and eight members of the security forces that were being held as hostages in the Northeast of the country.

Gaviria, who followed the principles of Nonviolence and Echeverri were held captive when they were heading to a town that the rebels were occupying.

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