OCCUPY the London Stock Exchange gets St Paul’s Cathedral’s Chancellor’s blessing

Press Release 16/10/11: Canon Chancellor Giles Fraser defends people’s right to protest and addresses the crowd before morning service at St Paul’s cathedral. The Canon calls on the police to leave the occupation at St Paul’s. OccupyLSX reports that 250 people camped overnight, despite initial police use of force, maintaining a calm and engaging occupation.

Germany 15O

In Germany about 40000 people went on the streets: very mixed, old, young, mostly middle class, educated. In Berlin it was about 10000, in Frankfurt in the bank metropolis 8000 with the goal to occupy, in Cologne 1500, Duesseldorf 1500, Munich 1000, Hamburg thousands and so on. The organisators in each city were joyfully surprised because they expected a few hundred only.

Occupy London Stock Exchange sets up camp in the City: Press Release 15.10.11

Between 4000 – 5000 people gather in London’s Square Mile to voice their anger at the social and economic inequality in the UK and beyond, OccupyLSX holds first people’s assembly this afternoon to decide future plans for its occupation, People’s assemblies spring up near St Paul’s despite police refusing to allow protesters onto Paternoster Square [the LSX location]

‘Occupy’ Movements Becoming Global

By Farooque Chowdhury*

Across oceans and covering continents people around the world are struggling. There are protest marches, demonstrations, occupations. It’s now global, a globalization of struggle for democracy, for a decent life. It is One Earth One Humanity One Loved, as a placard in the Occupy Wall Street Movement announces.

15M Movement: “Youth Manifesto”


“Our call for change unites us.
We want a new society that gives people priority over economic and political interests.
We want to demonstrate that society has not gone to sleep, and that we will keep fighting for what we deserve by peaceful means.
We want all this, and we want it now.” (Sol, May 2011).

Celebrations in Palestine as Hamas and Israel confirm prisoner swap deal

Thousands of Palestinians hit the streets of Gaza and West Bank 11 October to celebrate the prisoner swap deal between Israel and Hamas. This will exchange 1,027 Palestinians for the captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. Hamas leader in Damascus Khaled Messhal, in a congratulatory speech, considered the swap deal as a proud national achievement for all Palestinians.

Is Health a Right or a Business? New legislation to privatise the UK NHS continues its march undeterred

The House of Lords appeared to create some hope that the Bill aimed at dropping the British National Health Service on the laps of private providers so that they can make profits with the health of the population could be defeated. But the vote was lost and the Bill continues its process towards final approval and implementation.

Nepal takes a stand on the elimination of nuclear weapons

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Nepal to the United Nations, Mr Gyan Chandra Acharya, has told fellow members that Nepal consistently advocates for general and complete disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction, including biological, chemical, nuclear, radiological weapons in a statement to the United Nations.

Occupy Wall Street Spreads Exponentially Across U.S. October 15 an International Day of Action

Occupy Wall Street, now in its fourth week in Liberty Plaza is
inspiring others across the U.S.A. and the world. As of this writing,
there are occupations in more than 1550 cities worldwide, with
more than one hundred in the U.S. alone, despite the fact that
the movement is much more recent in the U.S. than in Europe.

The London Rebellious Media Conference. Chomsky’s advise to the #Occupy movement

Noam Chomsky spoke at the RMC (Rebellious Media Conference) opening session about the #Occupy Wall Street events taking place in the last few weeks and his views on how this movement could become more efficient, more radical, more permanent and more focused on obtainable goals. He left no doubt of his support to this “end of apathy” as the most important thing happening today.

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