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The Fightback is Under Way

If we want to understand why there have been widespread incidents of street violence across London for the past few days, we need look no further than the comments of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, when he announced this Wednesday, "a fight-back is under way!" As if it were another country that had invaded the city! »


Obama Administration Again Fails Immigrant Communities

Disappointed and frustrated, New York advocates condemn Friday’s announcement from the Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ), which brazenly announced its decision to bypass state governments and implement Secure Communities ( S-Comm ) and unilaterally terminate its Memorandum of Agreements ( MOAs ) with states. »


How activists can stream live videos with their phones

One of the first posts for this site was about GandhiCam, an application for Blackberry phones that automatically sends any image, that you take to your email or an email address of your choosing. The idea was developed to allow activists to immediately get content off their phones before the police could confiscate them, as had happened during the G20 protests in London. »


Pakistan Rock Firm Against New Nuclear Treaty

Pakistan is standing like a rock in the surf resisting growing international pressure to endorse a global treaty that would ban production of fissile material used as fuel for nuclear weapons. Reiterating its adamant opposition, Pakistan has warned that it would boycott any process to negotiate a U.S.-backed treaty outside the deadlocked UN Conference on Disarmament (CD). »


Are Safe Water And Toilets Reserved To Rich People Only?

The so-called international community must be either bored or out of this planet. Otherwise it would not have wasted years and years in expensive meetings and lengthy discussions before ending up, twelve months ago, with an indisputable and undisputed finding—that safe water and sanitation is a ‘human right’! »


Woman journalist’s murder turns Veracruz into deadliest state for media this year

Yesterday’s discovery of the body of Yolanda Ordaz de la Cruz, a crime reporter and columnist for the regional daily Notiver in the east-coast port city of Veracruz, adds her name to the long list of journalists who have been murdered or have disappeared in Mexico. A total of 77 have been killed since 2000 and 23 have gone missing since 2003. »


GOP Delays Debt Ceiling Vote, Dems Vow Senate Defeat

House Speaker John Boehner has delayed a vote on his debt-ceiling plan after failing to gather enough Republican support. Boehner pulled his measure late Thursday night after it became clear hard-line Republicans refused to abandon their demands for even deeper budget cuts. The bill would slash government spending by $917 billion over the next decade. »


Hundreds of Same-Sex Couples Marry in New York, from Niagara Falls to Manhattan

Hundreds of gay couples got married across New York state Sunday after it became the sixth and most populous state in the United States to recognize same-sex marriages. New York joins Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and the District of Columbia in allowing same-sex unions. But gay marriage is still specifically banned in 39 states. »


Pushing Crisis

GOP Cries Wolf on Debt Ceiling in Order to Impose Radical Pro-Rich Agenda President Obama and Republican House Speaker John Boehner are allegedly close to a $3 trillion deficit-reduction package as part of a deal to raise the federal debt ceiling before an August 2 deadline. But the deal is coming under fire from both congressional Democrats and Republicans. »


Obama welcomes Dalai Lama, to China’s anger

Brushing off protests from China, Barack Obama welcomed the Dalai Lama to the White House, urging respect for human rights and cultural traditions in Tibet. China immediately lodged a protest and accused Obama of undermining relations between the world's two largest economies by meeting with the Tibetan spiritual leader, who has spent more than a half-century in exile. »


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