The World March calls on Japan to kick out US bases

On the 3rd and final day in Japan, the World March called on the Government to kick out US bases, a proposal in line with the World March’s demands that foreign troops should withdraw from the territories of other countries. Local organisers welcoming the call described the demand made at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as *“unprecedented”*.

Hundreds protest in Kyoto against war, poverty and discrimination

“Collective action in Kyoto against War, Poverty and Discrimination” was the banner for hundreds of Kyoto activists demonstrating today. Women’s groups, anti US bases organisations, communists, anti-nuclear power organisations and organisations defending article 9 of the Japanese constitution were among those represented together with the World March for Peace and Nonviolence.”

1000 candles for Peace in Hiroshima

1000 candles were lit today spelling out the demand “Nuclear Free Now!” The act was part of an event called NO NUKES 2020 organised by Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation; an organisation established in April 1998 by the City of Hiroshima to promote peace, and to consolidate the city’s activities in peace promotion, globalization, and international cooperation.

Round table on peace with V. Kalyanam, Gandhi’s personal secretary

October 14th: A day dedicated to nonviolence at the Ghandhi Memorial in Chennai: a competition of drawing and painting on the topic “The world I would like,” a photographic exhibition, a press conference to announce the arrival of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence in India and a round table on ways to promote peace in the world.

The World March Team Visits Thrissur, India

Four members of the base team of The World March for Peace and Non-Violence were hosted by the Humanist Movement of Kerala on October 14th ,the anniversary of Gandhi’s visit in 1927. The team members attended various functions interacting with post graduate students, youth, socio-political leaders, and the press club.

For the first time in 56 years, the World March enters the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas

Base team members did not travel to South Korea in vain. Thanks to their visit to this country known as the “Land of Morning Calm”, this is the first time that foreigners have set foot in the zone marking the border between the two countries, called the “demilitarized zone” or “DMZ”, a buffer zone surrounded by the highest concentration of armed forces in the world.

World March blessed by Ghandi’s grand-daughter

The 20 marchers arrived in New Delhi on October 12 to honour several meetings in various provinces of India. After a long march to New Delhi, where the base team was received by Tara Gandhi Bhattacharji, Ghandi’s grand-daughter, the group split up to go to Bombay, Amritsar, Chennai and Trichur (in the province of Kerala).

Campaign for Zero Violence in 2010 launched in Basilan

The call for peaceful and nonviolent election in Basilan, Philippines took on a new face as local and international peace groups and government agencies launched the Zero Violence in 2010 Campaign last October 7 at the Basilan State College Gymnasium, Isabela City, Basilan. The launching coincided with the World March for Peace and Non-violence arrival to The Philippines.

Bangladeshi students welcome the World March for Peace

Members of the base team marched alongside Bangladeshis in Dhaka. The event was organized within the framework of the University of the Capital by the association “World without Wars” and other members of the humanist movement. To mark the occasion, a press conference was held attended by some twenty journalists and numerous spectators.

Manila Turns out for Peace

In front of the monument dedicated to the great Philippine national hero, pacifist José Rizal, Mayor Alfredo S. Lim declared Manila’s support for peace and non-violence and symbolically offered the keys to the city to Rafael de la Rubia, president of World Without Wars, organizer of the three-month-long march for peace that will circle the world.

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