Occupy Hong Kong off to heady start

Hong Kong has its activists who are always in the limelight of the daily news but the Occupy Hong Kong action October 15 was not as graspable as the usual issues that brings the regulars out onto the street. A strong crowd gathered, in Hong Kong Central, of the more committed, regulars but mostly the new and deeply enthusiastic.

‘Occupy’ Movements Becoming Global

By Farooque Chowdhury*

Across oceans and covering continents people around the world are struggling. There are protest marches, demonstrations, occupations. It’s now global, a globalization of struggle for democracy, for a decent life. It is One Earth One Humanity One Loved, as a placard in the Occupy Wall Street Movement announces.

Nepal takes a stand on the elimination of nuclear weapons

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Nepal to the United Nations, Mr Gyan Chandra Acharya, has told fellow members that Nepal consistently advocates for general and complete disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction, including biological, chemical, nuclear, radiological weapons in a statement to the United Nations.

Philippine migrant worker wins landmark Hong Kong residency case

In Hong Kong the High Court has ruled that a domestic helper from the Philippines should be allowed to apply for permanent residency in the city. The case was brought by Evangeline Banao Vallejos, a resident of Hong Kong since 1986. The ruling follows a landmark judicial review of what has been the long term practice ever since the British ruled Hong Kong.

Mayors for Peace Reaches 5000 Members in 151 Countries and Regions

Mayors for Peace is proud to announce that its membership has surpassed the 5000 mark, making Mayors for Peace not only the fastest growing association of local governments in the world, but also, by far the largest international, direct-membership association of local governments.

Pakistan Floods: Seven Million Victims–Women and Children Are The ‘Most Miserably Hit’

Heavy monsoon rain in southern Pakistan is hitting children and women worst of all. Over 2.5 million children have been affected by new severe floods, and around 1.5 million women of reproductive age are among the now over seven million victims.

India-Pakistan-Bangladesh no research, no plan for region.

Mayraj Fahim’s field is local governance and he commented on 60 Minutes highlighting the apparent success of the Indian Institute of Technology whereas in reality it was the nation’s failure to do research that is glaringly obvious to him! This contradicts what was shown on that popular programme. He points out a higher reality.

First anniversary of the passing on of Silo

It is a year now that Silo left us in his physical body, bequeathing us and everyone a valuable message of the way of active non-violence to take mankind into a benign and adventurous yet non-harming future. We give thanks to Silo this day and carry on the good work. We watch as the protagonists of an open future take to the streets.

International push to construct Himalayan Park

A humanist work camp is scheduled to start October 10, 2011, organised in Panauti, Nepal, as the initial efforts to establish Nepal’s Park of Study & Reflection. This is a small town 32km south east of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. Panauti is renowned for its rich history, cultural activities, artistic buildings and year-round festivals.

Indian anti-graft activist Anna Hazare has begun to make a good recovery in hospital after ending a 13-day hunger strike

Hazare, 74, embarked on a public fast in New Delhi to pressure the government into backing tough anti-corruption legislation, and attracted huge nationwide support for his cause. His doctor Naresh Trehan said that “there is a 30 percent improvement in his condition, which is quite satisfactory”.

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