Malaysia’s July 9th showdown: Bersih’s battle for clean elections in a post-Tahrir world

Demonstrators take to the street tomorrow in Malaysia calling for reforms of the electoral system to make elections clean and fair. The rally, organised by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) is supported by the three largest opposition parties in the country but deemed illegal by the government. »


Green Institute Hong Kong brings out its Green Ambassadors

“How to get each one of us or as many as possible to start thinking and doing Green? As a start we have our Green Ambassador project to form people with a Green Heart to bring into birth a green culture where people can rethink everything and come to understand what being Green is all about,” Albert Oung, Green Institute Hong Kong. »


The Latin Lessons for Arab Revolutionaries

The scenes that plagued Latin America through the 1980s bear a striking resemblance to those in the Arab World since Mohamed Bouazizi set himself ablaze in Tunisia nearly 30 years later. In Latin America, protests reflected the rising frustrations of the middle class, marketplaces were bombed by those angry at incumbent autocrats and citizens rallied against police brutality. »


Can Nepal Feed Itself?

New method of rice cultivation doubles harvests with less water and less seeds. It sounds too good to be true. Lalku Katharia, a farmer in Lalbojhi of Kailali has doubled his rice harvest from half the seeds he used last year. He did this without even needing to flood his fields with scarce irrigation water. »


Hong Kong: flow of good citizen’s vital message – we are one

This day each year the citizenry of Hong Kong take to the streets and demonstrate in solidarity against a wide variety of ills and social injustices - July 1, 2011, was no exception. Hongkongers staged their biggest show of discontent with the government in seven years, taking to the streets in the largest numbers since 2004. »


Protests for nuclear disarmament and an end to nuclear energy in Fukushima

June 25, International Day of Action for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons. The Peace Movement in Fukushima remains active and strong! The Peace March for Nuclear Abolition enters Fukushima Prefecture. 140 actions in 25 countries support the call for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons as the leader of the permanent members of the UN Security Council prepare to meet in Paris. »


Anti nuclear group shown the door at educational forum

An educational forum was held 10 June, 201l, according to its blurb intending to increase literacy on nuclear issues to help civil society in Hong Kong to discuss and debate the issues surrounding nuclear energy as a part of the current local fuel mix - others are coal then natural gas - with presentations and open discussions. »


Japan Admits 3 Nuclear Meltdowns, More Radiation Leaked into Sea; U.S. Nuclear Waste Poses Deadly Risks

Almost three months after the earthquake and tsunami that triggered a nuclear disaster in Japan, new radiation "hot spots" may require the evacuation of more areas further from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility. Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency recently admitted for the first time that full nuclear meltdowns occurred at 3 of the plant’s reactors »


Ray of hope in Nepal’s peace process

Five years after the beginning of Nepal's peace process, there’s a new turn. The main task of the peace process, integration of Maoist combatants, has been fixed to start. A meeting of the Special Committee headed by the prime minister on Monday approved a time-framed plan of action that promises to complete the groundwork by June 24 this year. »


Energy Generation: The Solutions

Part 2 of 2 There are two sources that represent the answers to creating much of the energy we need on Earth. Both of the sources are abundant, both of them are free and neither of them will deplete any resource anywhere on the globe. They have been with us from the very beginning. Perhaps they have "been given" to us and were waiting until now for our discovery! »


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