UK, Do not believe the false reassurance about NHS privatisation

By JACKY DAVIS 12 February 2015 for OpenDemocracy, Our NHS Even as they belatedly criticise the government’s health ‘reforms’, think tanks like the Kings Fund are making one fundamental error. The Kings Fund has at last criticised the government’s NHS ‘reforms’ as costly and ‘damaging’ to the NHS. »


Carnival of incompetence – or, how nobody knows how to privatise a health service well

Carl Walker 23 January 2015 Recent experiences show no-one knows how to privatise bits of the English Health Service without damaging the parts – like A&E – that are left behind. William Goldman, the famous Hollywood screenwriter once said about motion pictures that ‘nobody knows anything’ about whether a film will… »


Life, the universe and the NHS crisis

By CARL WALKER For Open Democracy, Our NHS The [UK National Health Service] NHS is in crisis like never before – but the political game ignores the real causes of the problem. Accident and Emergency services have gone into unprecedented meltdown across England, health professionals tell us this… »


What doctors know – in England and in America

By Dr Paul Hobday for Open Democracy: Our NHS [National Health Service] The NHS was set up to ensure doctors put patients before profits. But that is now being rapidly undermined in favour of a US-style system. What English doctors know I was a GP for 30 years. I only… »


Private firms on course to net £9bn of NHS contracts

Private firms on course to net £9bn of NHS contracts

According to the NHS [the British National Health Service] Support Federation “NHS changes continue to bear gifts for the private sector Since April 2013, £5 billion worth of NHS contracts have been awarded through the market. 67% of these clinical awards have been won by Non-NHS providers… »


Blackouts in Argentina Highlight Failings of Privatisation

Blackouts in Argentina Highlight Failings of Privatisation

By Fabiana Frayssinet for IPS BUENOS AIRES, Jan 10 2014 (IPS) – Record temperatures at the start of the southern hemisphere summer in Argentina have been accompanied by highs on the thermometer of social discontent, as consumption peaks left thousands without electricity and threw into sharp… »


How to kill an NHS. It applies to all privatisation targets

How to kill an NHS. It applies to all privatisation targets

The UK National Health Service (NHS), one of the most efficient and value-for-money healthcare organisations in the world is no more. We may still talk about it as if it were around but the final blow to its existence, appropriately delivered on April 1st Fools Day in the form of… »


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