Private firms on course to net £9bn of NHS contracts

21.12.2014 - Pressenza London

Private firms on course to net £9bn of NHS contracts
(Image by NHS Support Federation)

According to the NHS [the British National Health Service] Support Federation

“NHS changes continue to bear gifts for the private sector

Since April 2013, £5 billion worth of NHS contracts have been awarded through the market. 67% of these clinical awards have been won by Non-NHS providers – a total of £2.4bn.

£13bn worth of contracts still remain in the pipeline. This is probably an underestimate: around a third of tender adverts do not publicly reveal their value. However we estimate that non-NHS bodies stand to gain £6.6bn from the contracts still in the pipeline.

So If they continue to win contracts at the current rate (50% of value), non-NHS companies will stand to gain £9bn of NHS money since the Health Act was passed.”

Brand News

The comedian and actor Russell Brand may not be to everyone’s taste, but he recently provided a sharp and humourous account of NHS privatisation, drawing on some of the recent big stories (see right) as well as extracts from the BBC news report which used our contract research earlier in the year.


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