Metta Center for Nonviolence

We aim to promote the transition to a nonviolent future by making the logic, history and yet-unexplored potential of nonviolence more accessible to activists and agents of cultural change (which ultimately includes all of us). We help people in any walk of life discover their innate capacity for nonviolence and use it more strategically for long-term transformation of themselves and the world, focusing on the root causes (sometimes called “upstream” causes) of injustice, competition and violence. Ultimately we work to replace the prevailing worldview with one that rests upon a much higher image of the human being, a world informed by nonviolence and the sanctity of all life.

Desde el desmantelamiento de las estructuras del racismo hasta la sanidad de nuestros corazones

Las lecciones del movimiento de derechos civiles y los líderes del movimiento apuntan a un importante enfoque de dos puntos para poner fin al racismo, que es una abominación. Escrito por: Michael Nagler Recientemente tuve la gratificante experiencia de entrevistar…