Tlaxcala Translators

Les traducteurs de Tlaxcala sont un groupe multinational et interculturel, ayant des membres sur les cinq continents, unis par un objectif commun : la transposition horizontale et sans censure d’informations sociopolitiques entre les langues que nous utilisons. Notre travail est entièrement bénévole. Notre philosophie est exposée dans le Manifeste de Tlaxcala et les pages de notre site sont régies par le principe du Copyleft (copie autorisée).

With Millions Unable to Pay for Housing This Month, Organizers Plan the Largest Rent Strike in Nearly a Century in New York and Elsewhere

By Natasha Lennard Want a grim picture of the state of American dissent during the coronavirus pandemic? Take an overview of media coverage from the last week. The press focused disproportionate attention on a few hundred white reactionaries, in a small…

May 3rd, World Press Freedom Day: let’s cry out ‘Free Julian Assange!’

By Comité Free Assange Belgium The Assange case must finally be recognised for what it is: a totalitarian attack on the rule of law and press freedom, without which a healthy democracy is not possible. If we do not soon…

Break the chains of debt!

The system of debt continues to devastate the lives of people around the world. People in the South face the daily impacts and consequences of the financial indebtedness of their countries, which far from having been “relieved” is growing in step with the crisis and the pursuit of extraordinary profits by the most concentrated forms of capital.