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Silvia Swinden - Author of “From Monkey Sapiens to Homo Intentional: The Phenomenology of the Nonviolent Revolution” – Adonis & Abbey, London 2006. Pressenza London Editor


The “Pots and Pans revolution” in Iceland and its aftermath

The Economic Crash in Iceland led the “Pots and Pans revolution” leading to some radical changes. Humanist Party members Julius Valdimarsson and Methusalem Thorisson have carried out an appraisal in terms of the sensibility of the people in general and on the political Scene wondering if such process can promote Human Rights based Real Democracy. »


And the looting goes on…but we are saved. Give them Oxytocin

UK commuters face an 8 to13% increase in rail fares, well above the rate of inflation, whilst Stagecoach, one of the private rail companies, announces a return of £340m in profits to shareholders – including an £88m payment to two chief executives. Meanwhile the inevitable austerity driven “double dip recession” looms across major economies but the banks refuse to lend. »


Let us not get distracted. The riots are the symptom. The onslaught is underway.

Whilst the blame game about the UK riots rages in the national and international Media and the State uses the opportunity to get more draconian, punitive and discriminatory, we must keep an eye on the structural changes that the neoliberal agenda is introducing, even as we speak about those changes being the root of the problem. »


“Give our kids a future”. North London community marches in unity in response to the riots and the response to the riots

The area where the first spark of rioting started, following the fatal shooting by police of a local resident, today saw a large and peaceful demonstration calling for an end to the violence on all sides but also for changes in the recent austerity measures that most of those marching see as the root cause of the recent disturbances. »


Learning by example. Where the looters and rioters get their models.

London and other UK cities are descending into an uneasy, massive police deployment induced calm. The post-mortem has began, even if the beast is not quiet dead yet. Everybody has an opinion as to who’s to blame. Nobody is asking the kids (“thugs”? or “victims of social exclusion”?), now going through the courts, some as young as 10. »


Who the hell are Standard and Poor!?

Credit Rating Agencies are at it again. If the hole in the real economy, the one in which real people live, created by the virtual economy, where the speculators live, aka “rescuing the Banks during the subprime crisis”, were not big enough, Standard and Poor, has “downgraded” the US Credit Rating sending the world economy into a deeper hole. So who are they? »


London is burning, and it is spreading to other cities

Death of a Tottenham resident in North London by Police shooting sparks three nights of rioting, looting, firebombing and attacks on Police by members of minority communities and youth gangs. Recent cuts to services in areas already deprived and marginalised seem to have created a toxic atmosphere that only needed a trigger, and sure enough, it happened. »


Documents suggest there has been a secret policy in the UK Foreign Office of collaboration with torture

According to a report by the British newspaper The Guardian new documents it has seen confirm what the ex Ambassador to Uzbekistan has been saying all along. That the UK Foreign Office knew torture was being used in the interrogation of terrorism suspects and in spite of its illegality and unreliability it accepted information thus obtained. »


Judge appointed by Prime Minister Cameron to conduct inquiry into phone hacking has links to Murdoch’s family

Can Lord Justice Leveson be really impartial? He socialised, like many other important people, with Rupert Murdoch, his family & his PR man. Are we surprised by this cosy relationship between Politicians, Media, the higher echelons of the Police (Sir Paul Stevenson, Metropolitan Police Commissioner resigned over indirect links to News Corps) and even the Judiciary? Sadly not. »


British neoliberal institute advocates privatisation of one of the best public health providers in the world

The National Health Service (NHS) was born after World War 2. Since then British people have been able to rely on a high quality, free at the point of delivery and paid for by taxes, health provider. Successive governments, starting with Margaret Thatcher's have been trying to introduce market policies and privatisation into it. »


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