Silvia Swinden

Silvia Swinden - Author of “From Monkey Sapiens to Homo Intentional: The Phenomenology of the Nonviolent Revolution” – Adonis & Abbey, London 2006. Pressenza London Editor


Conference on Spirituality at Haifa University, Israel

Should academia deal with Spirituality? What is spirituality anyway? Is it different from religion? Is secularism the same as atheism? Is secularism growing? Is atheist humanism in need of spirituality? These and other questions were discussed at Haifa University. Members of Silo's Message participated with its point of view about a new spirituality arising in the world. »


“Israelis love Iranians”. Iranians: “We love you too”

Following several days of mounting tensions after Israel discusses openly the possibility of bombing Iran's nuclear installations, an Israeli couple starts a Facebook page called "Israelis love Iranians" stating in posters: we will never bomb your country. Soon responses from Iranians began to arrive saying "We love you too". »


Goldman Sachs: not a “rotten apple” but the system itself

Goldman Sachs’s executive director’s resignation made big headlines. Accusations of corrupt and immoral practices appeared to suggest that this was a particular, perhaps isolated, case. Grateful as we are to Greg Smith for highlighting the shortcomings of the financial giant we should not be distracted from the fact that this is how the present system works. »


Extra-judicial executions by unmanned drones: from science-fiction to collateral damage

A court case in the UK will suggest that civilians engaged in aiding to guide unmanned aircraft to kill people in foreign countries may be committing serious violations of international law making them liable to prosecution. The high level of civilian deaths perceived as "collateral damage" further puts into question this novel form of political assassinations. »


Don’t Bank on the Bomb

A groundbreaking report released today by ICAN identifies more than 300 banks, pension funds, insurance companies and asset managers in 30 countries with substantial investments in nuclear arms producers. We print here ICAN's letter to World Without Wars(1) and a link to this very important report that shows the banking system's support to the biggest danger facing humanity. »


Occupy London – four months on and this is only the beginning.

In spite of some legal setbacks the London Occupy movement continues to develop, mature and diversify in order to face the challenge of becoming a credible force for nonviolent change – political, economic, existential and spiritual – in a violent and dehumanising system. We reproduce here its latest newsletter as an update. »


Your money helped bail out some UK Big Banks. Do they know it isn’t Christmas?

Banks are lending very little to help the real economy – businesses and mortgages – but there are no shortages of bonuses for top executives. Huge payments to lobbying firms at home and in the US (whose activities are not covered by the Freedom of Information Act) have been used to influence policies that may curtail the financial sector’s licence to cream. »


Occupy LSX loses Court battle to stay but gets congratulations from the Judge

Nobody expected the Occupy the London Stock Exchange campsite at St Paul’s Cathedral courtyard to win the Court Case for eviction brought about by the almighty City of London Corporation. However the support the Occupiers got from unexpected quarters points to some awareness that actually, they may be a real ray of hope in a crumbling system. »


The migration tide turns, again. Latin America, one of the favourite destinations

During the last two centuries over 60 million of Europeans travelled to the Americas escaping the great wars or looking for a better life. When Latin Americans travelled back to Europe running away from military dictatorships and economic debacles the walls came up in “fortress Europe”. As the economic crisis in the Eurozone unfolds migration is again changing direction. »


OccupyLSX High Court hearing concludes – No decision until Jan 11th

After four and a half days of representations from the City of London Corporation, Occupy London (represented by John Cooper QC and Michael Paget on behalf of named defendant Tammy Samede) and two litigants in person, George Barda and Daniel Ashman, the OccupyLSX hearing has concluded at the High Court with Christmas wishes being given to and by all concerned. »


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Film: The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons

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