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Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) is the Dutch international public broadcaster. RNW works to promote free speech around the world focusing on countries at the lower end of the Freedom House Press Freedom Index. RNW is working independently and with media partners producing multimedia content aimed at sparking discussion and introducing people in a non-judgmental way to information that is lacking in their local media.


Indian PM vows ‘strictest action’ against graft; New Hunger strike planned by campaigner

India's embattled prime minister said his government was taking the "strictest possible action" to stamp out corruption after a string of recent scandals. "We are taking the strictest possible action in cases of corruption that have surfaced," Manmohan Singh said from the ramparts of New Delhi's 16th-century Red Fort in an Independence Day speech on Monday. »


Police fire teargas at Tunis protest

Tunisian police fired teargas on Monday at a rally by hundreds of people protesting at the lack of political reforms since the overthrow of President Ben Ali in January. Columns of smoke could be seen rising above an area in front of Tunis cathedral where protesters gathered for a demonstration at the same time as an authorised one called by the General Workers' Union. »


Myanmar’s Suu Kyi set to make first political trip

Myanmar's democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi is on Sunday set to make her first political trip outside her home city since she was freed from house arrest, despite a government security warning. Suu Kyi, who was released from seven straight years of detention days after a controversial election last November, will visit the Bago region, about 80 kilometres north of Yangon. »


Germany marks Berlin Wall’s 50th anniversary

Berlin on Saturday marked the 50th anniversary of the day the Berlin Wall started to go up with a memorial service and a minute of silence in memory of those who died trying to flee to the West. »


Norway mourns 92 terror victims

Police say they are questioning a right-wing Christian over the massacre of 92 people in a killing spree that prime minister says turned a paradise into hell on earth. As harrowing testimony emerged from the camp where scores of youngsters were mown down, Norway was struggling to understand how a place famed as a beacon of peace could experience such bloodshed on its soil. »


Berlusconi faces bribery, sex crime hearings

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi faces trial hearings for bribery and for paying for sex with a 17-year-old girl on Monday, as the Italian leader fights off growing unpopularity and financial woes. Berlusconi, 74, is a defendant in three ongoing trials but is only due to attend the corruption hearing in which he stands accused of paying a bribe to his former British lawyer. »


Venezuela president arrives in Cuba for chemotherapy

Following a long absence from Venezuela for surgery in Cuba to remove a reported pelvic abcess, Chavez flies back to Havana for more treat. Chavez, who was accompanied by his daughter Rosa, will stay here for an undisclosed period of time. »


Obama welcomes Dalai Lama, to China’s anger

Brushing off protests from China, Barack Obama welcomed the Dalai Lama to the White House, urging respect for human rights and cultural traditions in Tibet. China immediately lodged a protest and accused Obama of undermining relations between the world's two largest economies by meeting with the Tibetan spiritual leader, who has spent more than a half-century in exile. »


Malaysia to probe protest police brutality claims

Malaysia will investigate claims of police brutality following the death of a demonstrator in a mass street protest for electoral reform, a senior minister said Monday. Riot police fired tear gas and water cannon and arrested more than 1,600 people to end a rally to demand electoral changes on Saturday, drawing intense criticism from human rights groups. »


South Sudan readies for independence day

Just hours before South Sudan becomes independent, a mood of joyful expectation swept through its capital, with crowds dancing in the streets and last-minute preparations ahead of Saturday's ceremony. Processions of veterans, soldiers and civilians marched through central Juba in the hot sun, some dressed in traditional clothing, playing drums and dancing. »


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