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Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) is the Dutch international public broadcaster. RNW works to promote free speech around the world focusing on countries at the lower end of the Freedom House Press Freedom Index. RNW is working independently and with media partners producing multimedia content aimed at sparking discussion and introducing people in a non-judgmental way to information that is lacking in their local media.

Abbas seeks historic state backing at UN

Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas will head to the General Assembly on Thursday with huge backing for his bid for UN recognition of statehood despite strong US and Israeli opposition. Abbas will make the case for Palestine to become a UN…

Clinton takes blame for handling of Libya attack

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CNN that she will take the blame for any shortcomings in the handling of an attack last month on the US mission in the Libyan city of Benghazi. “I take responsibility,” she said, according…

US deploys forces as deadly Muslim anger spreads

Washington said it was deploying forces to cope with violence in as many as 18 different locations as deadly Muslim anger spreads over a US-made movie that mocks Islam. Two US marines were killed in Afghanistan when insurgents armed with…

UN arms trade talks finally get under way

Three weeks of UN talks aimed at hammering out a draft treaty to regulate the $70 billion a year global arms trade finally got under way on Tuesday, a day late because of a diplomatic tussle over Palestinian representation.

EU proposals erode internet freedoms

While Europeans were busily preparing for the festive season, Brussels quietly published a document that will have far-reaching consequences for everyone’s ability to see what they want on the internet. Plans contained in the CleanIt Project are supposed to create a clean internet without any terrorists/extremists. The new blueprint for the internet is a dangerous development.

Rutte hails Havel as one of the world’s great men

The world will remember Mr. Vaclav Havel as a great man who took several personal great risks to improve the situation in his country, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Sunday, the day that the Czech playwright, essayist, poet, dissident and politician died died in his sleep at dawn after a lengthy illness, at the age of 75.

Dutch Afghanistan mission may be extended

The original number of 20 Dutch police trainers was recently cut by half. The higher ranking officers would be given an eight-week follow-up course to basic training is also being suggested that Afghan police trainers could shadow their Dutch and German counterparts. Final decisions, will not be taken until after the Afghanistan Conference at the beginning of December.

Indian anti-graft activist Anna Hazare has begun to make a good recovery in hospital after ending a 13-day hunger strike

Hazare, 74, embarked on a public fast in New Delhi to pressure the government into backing tough anti-corruption legislation, and attracted huge nationwide support for his cause. His doctor Naresh Trehan said that “there is a 30 percent improvement in his condition, which is quite satisfactory”.

Indian PM urges anti-corruption campaign to see ‘reason’ while other voices of doubt speak out

India’s prime minister appealed Monday for a more reasoned approach to combating corruption, as huge crowds turned out to support a hunger-striking activist on the seventh day of his anti-corruption fast.

Philippines offers autonomy to Muslim rebels

The Philippines on Monday offered Muslim rebels waging a decades-long insurgency the prospect of autonomy, but warned they must first lay down their arms and a peace pact was likely years away. The offer was contained in government proposals for peace with the 12,000-strong Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) at the start of three days of talks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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