Laura Tussi

Docente, giornalista e ricercatrice, si occupa di pedagogia nonviolenta e interculturale. Ha conseguito cinque lauree specialistiche in formazione degli adulti e consulenza pedagogica nell'ambito delle scienze della formazione e dell'educazione.

Damn pacifists: peace also comes through the narrative of war

His (Translator’s Note: This is Nico Piro’s book) Maledetti pacifisti (Damned Pacifists), winner of the Ilaria Alpi prize, is an important book of denunciation with a provocative title. But is it really still possible to do journalism in the service…

Nico Piro: “From Ukraine to Afghanistan, history teaches us that war is not the solution”

When will the war in Ukraine end? What do Italians think about the conflict? What is the best approach, the military or the diplomatic? Moving crosswise between various themes and drawing on his long experience as a war correspondent, Nico…

For a new world citizienship

We need to promote inter-cultural thought of diversities, open our minds to change, diversity and unconventionality. School and society need a pedagogic conception of ‘world understanding’ to oppose racism, intolerance and incomprehension in all their forms where the identity of others is trapped in negative stereotypes.