Fernando Alberto García

Architect, student and militant of the current of thought known as "New Humanism" or "Universalist Humanism" based on the work of Silo. He participates actively in the Humanist Movement in the social and cultural organism, "the Community for Human Development" and in "Silo's Message" - a new form of emerging spirituality.

The inner core of our joint action

From where do we get the energy and the motivation for our joint action? How do we manage to sustain our joint action in the long term?To begin with, and generally speaking, the energy and the motivation for our joint…

“Humanism in India” – Indian edition presentation in Mumbai

To begin with, I would like to thank the organizers of today’s presentation, Bhavan’s College and its Cultural Centre, the World Centre for Humanist Studies (India), and the book publisher, Foundation for Humanization. The book we are presenting is not…

A look to our joint process

The following are the notes of the open talk by Fernando Alberto García at the meeting place of Humanist Rebellion base team of The Community for Human Development (Frías 262, Buenos Aires, Argentina), on Saturday August 28, 2010.
It is based on talks Fernando had with our friends in India during July of the same year.