Anwar A. Khan

Anwar A. Khan is a Bangladesh’s senior citizen who has been working in private business houses exceeding 43 years, serving the present company for almost 12 years as its Executive Director and Head of Group Commercial. In his spare time, Khan writes on politics, political and human-centered figures, current and international affairs, having penned more than1200 articles which were published in both local and foreign English Newspapers. He abhors any sort of violence in anywhere in the world in the name of religion or in any other causes. He also condemns meddling into the internal affairs of the independent and sovereign nations by the superpowers.

The US Agenda in Venezuela

The Trump administration set a deadline of February 23, 2019 for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to bow down to the US. US military aircraft have landed in Colombia under the pretext of delivering humanitarian aid, as Trump vows to overthrow…