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Tanzania: Art inspires young people to act against climate crisis

In the bustling city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, a passionate group of young leaders are driving change through their innovative NGO. Their approach is simple but effective. They use the power of storytelling through animations, comics and radio stories…

Africa: How structural racism manifests itself in peacebuilding processes

PeaceDirect’s new report Peace, Race and Power explores how racism manifests itself in peacebuilding sectors. The 55-page report, produced through global consultations involving more than 160 people from 70 countries, builds on the findings of the May 2021 report Time…

Malian Parties Must Make Peace and Reconciliation ‘A Reality,’ UN Envoy Tells Security Council

Despite some progress, key challenges to implementing Mali’s peace and reconciliation agreement remained, one year after the Government and armed groups signed the accord, the United Nations envoy in the West African country told the Security Council today. “Quite clearly…

Uganda to Pull Out of Somalia, CAR, DRC

Uganda has decided to pull out of all its international peacekeeping missions in DR Congo, Somalia and Central African Republic (CAR). The “irreversible” decision comes a few weeks after a UN leaked report accused Uganda and its neighbour Rwanda of…

Cote d’Ivoire: close to civil war in Abidjan

Cote d’Ivoire faces a humanitarian tragedy, with aid access becoming increasingly difficult, hospitals and schools closing, law and order collapsing and casualties mounting, France’s representative to the United Nations said on Friday.
The crisis has displaced up to a million people, according to the UN refugee agency. Some 90,000 people have fled to neighboring Liberia.